Hindu Reincarnation Memory Club (HRMC)

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Reincarnation – known as Punarjanma – it is one of the core beliefs of Hinduism that is generally accepted by many of its practitioners. Reincarnation is the natural process of birth, death and rebirth. Hindus believe that the Jiva or Atman (soul) is intrinsically pure. The HRMC attempts to provide their clients with information about their previous lives via a series of hypnotic trance sessions, where the client speaks about their previous life experiences.

These sessions are quite intense and should last no more than half-an-hour as the emotions that come to the surface can sometimes be disturbing, especially if the client finds out they were something really ugly in a previous life such as a snake or a camel.

One client, Rohit Ganguly, spoke about his session: “I was hypnotised and then I just remember a series of flashes in my mind as my previous lives as a fly, worm, crab, tree, and fish came out – I am not sure why I was a tree, but I was – and then I became bigger and bigger fish, before becoming a fly again. This upset me at some deeply subconscious level and I awoke from the trance. I will be back next week, because I have to know why I went from a tuna to a fruit fly. I must have done something really bad when I was a tuna – what could a tuna do that was so bad? Did I attack a fisherman that was trying to catch me? ”