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Office Life – Preview – 3

An excerpt from a book on life in an English office

As Wood finished his cigarette he noticed a programmer called Phil Bracewell coming towards him. Bracewell had scruffy, brown hair, a wispy moustache, and glasses that magnified the hazel pupils of his eyes.

“Eh Phil, I hope you’re not coming over to fart near me.”

“I have been told to go outside when I am about to break wind, as it’s no longer socially acceptable to do it inside the office.”

“It never has been, Phil, at least not in my book. It smells like rotting shellfish after you’ve polluted the air.”

“That’s just the way my innards work,” said Bracewell picking a bogey from his nose and flicking it away in an absent-minded manner, “and besides it’s not going to kill anyone unlike your filthy smoking habit, which will be a drain on the health service in a few years’ time.”

“I smoke on my own, whereas you seem to think your farts should be shared by everyone.”

“It’s a natural thing for anyone to do, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” said Bracewell, “anyway, I can feel another coming on, so I will go and stand over there by that bush.”

“Good idea, and make sure you’re downwind of the office, we don’t want it seeping in to the office when no one is expecting it. You must contribute to global warming more than most people with all that methane you pump into the atmosphere.”

Bracewell gave a weak smile, thrust his hands into his coat pockets, and headed away from Wood.

Office Life

Office Life details 5 Days in the life of an English office. There’s lots of banter and insults flying around in this story. One person goes to the wrong place for the weekend, another has horrible personal habits, and a couple have sex over a desk when no one is watching, but someone is listening. The main character undergoes a transformation after losing a race and feels better for it.

The official category for this book is dark humour, but really it’s a combination of British humour, irony, and sarcasm. If you like all or any of these categories of humour, this book could be for you.

Office Life is available until 16th February at the knockdown price of 99 pence or about $1.50 Canadian.

Office Life is a story about the voyage of Albert Merton from a boorish anti-environmentalist to a supporter of the fight against Global Warming.
Initially, Albert is described as coming from a different planet because of his throwaway attitude towards everything and everybody. He insults people and doesn’t see anything wrong in the way he behaves. He is a conspicuous consumer who drives a Hummer, who doesn’t put paper in the recycling, and who despises people who keep fit.
Ultimately, Albert is a good person who tries to do the right thing more often than not; he learns a lot from Todd and grudgingly admires him for the stance he takes, even though initially Albert doesn’t respect Todd.
Interwoven with Albert’s story is another thread relating to a character called Tommy Bunn, who learns some lessons about life during the book. At first, he does strange things, such as going to the wrong village to attend a rock concert. Gradually, Bunn matures and finally he is able to hold a nice conversation with a female.