Daily Archives: May 4, 2022

Work won’t love you back – Book Review

It’s a particularly apposite time to be reading this book when many people are re-evaluating their life in regard to their work situation and indeed whether they should stay employed in their current role. This book made me think deeply about why I’m working where I am and whether I shouldn’t move somewhere else.

This book shows how the capitalist system has transformed work into a labour of love that’s wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Sarah Jaffe’s book provides examples on how some employees are fighting back against the all-consuming conditions of work and gives us hope that employers of the future can provide jobs that treat people as humans rather than commodities in companies where there’s no exploitation.

We have re-created the society of the ancient Greeks, where many of us are so busy with work that being informed members of society feels impossible, and political and social engagement are indulgences for the wealthy. Free time is necessary in order to participate fully in society and a lot of people are denied this time.