Nestorian Christians to recreate the Mongol Empire (NECREME)

This is an extract from the book 40 Strange Groups which is currently on sale for 99p

The Nestorians are followers of Nestorius (c. AD 386—451), who was Archbishop of Constantinople. Nestorianism is based on the belief put forth by Nestorius that emphasized the disunity of the human and divine natures of Christ. According to the Nestorians, the nature of Christ is divided equally between His divine nature and His human nature, but the two are distinct and separate. Some of the Mongol hordes who created the largest contiguous empire in history, the Mongol Empire, were Nestorian Christians, while others were Buddhist and some were atheists.

NECREME believes that the best way to assure world peace is to recreate the Mongol Empire and unite the disparate factions in China, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe in one huge empire, run by a Mongolian dictator in Ulan Bator, whose word is the rule of law. This Mongol Empire would cover most of the areas in the world where there are currently wars and internal strife. The mighty horsemen of the Mongols would fight all the disparate elements taking part in these battles and defeat them all, solving all these issues and bringing peace to a greater part of the world.

As Norovyn Batbold, secretary of NECREME explains, “The Mongol ruler would be a direct descendant of The Great Khan, Genghis, and he would be advised by the leaders of Russia, China, South Korea, and India. His Mongol horseman would be provided by all the countries comprising the Mongol Empire and would number almost 2 million in number, a force that would easily outnumber any opposing forces it would meet in combat. The Mongols would be back where they belong.”