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She’s Coming For You – Chapter 3

Four hundred and eighty-eight miles south-east of Pamplona, a small freighter, a little over 10,000 tons, was leaving a north-African port and heading towards the Straits of Gibraltar, with its final destination the north-west of Spain.

The crew of ten were hired because they knew the fishing areas of the eastern Atlantic and because of their belief in a cause. Anyone checking the ship would have seen nothing untoward. The only modern piece of equipment was the inflatable boat kept in one hold.

The freighter’s cargo was hidden away in a secret compartment made for the occasion. Neither the cargo nor the inflatable would make the return journey.

The crew all believed they would come back. The freighter ploughed on to its destination, keeping close to the North African coast as it headed towards the Straits of Gibraltar.   

Death in Spain

A number of things about trophy hunting strike me as evil and it’s time someone did something.  As an author, I can make sure someone does.

That someone is Alex Peters.

Alex Peters had loved animals her whole life. When her friends expressed their sadness that no one was hunting the hunters of animals, she decided to rectify the situation. She was the ideal candidate. In her normal job, as a soldier behind enemy lines, she’d killed animal abusers when given the chance and the animals were given some respite from their ordeals.

Now she was not undercover. She was on holiday, travelling on the trains in Spain and Portugal.

There were no colleagues to back her up. She would have to take risks.

She doesn’t keep a diary of the deaths, but does like to write about the history of the places she has visited. This makes her seem like a normal human being – even when she isn’t.

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