Do you like cats?

You would have liked Freddie cat.

He has passed away now and I miss him, especially as I am working from home.

He was a very curious cat, for all the meanings of the word curious.

If he wasn’t asleep and he wasn’t eating, then he was up to something, such as trying to gain entry into the basement suite below. You would always have to ask – is he in the washing machine or under the bath, behind the dry stone wall, or trying to climb the tall tree in the corner of the garden?

Freddie was a cat who loved bread and would steal it whenever he could, even if it meant biting into a sandwich that was on my plate when I was holding it. We would then play tug-of-war with the sandwich, which wasn’t designed to be used for this sport. Freddie would take the sandwich somewhere inaccessible and I would have to clean up the mess.

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