She’s Coming For You – Chapter 22


3 dead in bloodbath in pilgrimage city

Unknown hero saves tourists from mass slaughter near Museo do Pabo Gallego

All extremists will be hunted down and caught like rats says PM

Tourists need have no fear about their safety and security says mayor

An unknown hero was being sought by police this evening after single-handedly saving the lives of 46 innocent civilians on board the tourist train as it started to go up the steepest hill on its round trip of our pilgrimage city.

The man was described as being about six feet in height with fair skin and an athletic disposition. He killed two would-be Muslim attackers before they were able to impose their extremist views via the muzzle of an automatic rifle.

Hand grenades were also found, but none were used in the attack.

Our hero may be dazed or suffering from amnesia due to a blow on the head.

An American tourist was killed though there are conflicting accounts about how this accident occurred.

Extra security measures will be in place to reassure the expected influx of pilgrims over the next few weeks, many of them from Asia.