She’s Coming For You – Chapter 20

Santiago de Compostela – POLICIA NACIONAL – Report

Case Number: SDC-20190821-OO19                          Date 2019-08-21

Reporting Officer: M Sanchez                                      Prepared By: P Iniesta


2 North Africans and 1 American have been killed on the Costa de San Domingo, though it is not clear at this time how many other people were involved due to the contradictory accounts provided by witnesses.

Detail of Event:

The Tren Turistico (2034BGW) was proceeding towards Costa de San Domingo at 3:30 pm when it was fired upon by a North African who shot an American citizen before being hit by a weight from a table. Another North African was found dead nearby with a hunting knife in his neck. It is not clear at this time who killed the 2 North Africans.

Actions Taken:

38 of 45 witnesses from the Tren Turistico have been interviewed. All customers and staff at the Porta do Camino Bar and Terraza do Plaza bar have been interviewed. Witnesses in the Praza do 8 de Marzo have not been interviewed as they all claim not to have seen anything. Officers will interview people on a city bus who witnessed the aftermath of the incident. The Policia Nacional will also put out a city-wide request for anyone who was walking down Costa de San Domingo from the direction of the Museo do Pobo Gallego to come forward.


3 people killed, relevant embassies informed, witnesses interviewed, request for further information placed in local newspapers, on local radio, and on posters on streetlights in the immediate area.